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About The Buzz

Our team is small, but American. Well, I guess you could say American in the sense of how America used to be. Now days it seems that the idea of Freedom is being covered up by smoke screens and theatrics only the best of actors could produce. Although there are many problems that cannot be fixed quickly and easily, we have decided to start with one problem that we feel is of utmost importance. Communication. Discussion about the events and outcomes of those events. We aren’t interested in hearsay, or conspiracies. We want to discuss cold hard facts, and history. We believe history to be one of the most valuable tools that has been given to us, and we want to help others learn to use it as just that, a valuable tool.

Our Team

The Buzz with Mitch Houston

"Laws keep good people good, but do not protect good people from law breakers."

Mitch Houston

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I am blooming from the wound where I once bled.

Rune Lazuli


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