RVOX - The Complete Course!

In this video course, you will learn EVERYTHING that you need to know in order to use Waves RVOX to get the best vocal tracks possible!


Bring the vocals to
the front of your mix!

Download and Installation

We will cover how to download and install into your DAW.

Settings and configuration

You will learn how to not only use the plugin but you will learn advanced techniques used only by the Pros!

Great Presets

You will have access to some amazing presets that will kick off your Vocal magic!


Join Over 10,000 Students!

Very impressed so far. I am learning how to use Pro tools and I also have Ableton and Logic Pro x but I have no knowledge about mixing and making each instrument sound great so this course will help me heaps.


Music Production I

I just finished the course and, though I'm not a total beginner in audio (having played around with FL Studio and other workstations), I DID learn a few things that I would have loved knowing 9 years ago when I started out! This is a wonderful course for beginners and intermediates alike.


Music Production I


Here are the most frequently asked questions about this course.

As long as Mitch Houston is teaching courses, you will have access to this course. And Mitch doesn’t plan on quitting any time soon!

Absolutely! This course is geared towards beginner and intermediate producers who are interested in learning about the plugin.

You can the 10% off the plugin at Waves.com.

You will need a good DAW that has the ability for 3rd Party Plugins. That’s it!

Are you ready?

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