This EP is more like a long song/story split into separate tracks. Keep scrolling for more info and the back story on each track. It was truly an inspiring and fulfilling project. It is a blessing to be able to communicate my story through song, and that is exactly what the End of an Era EP is. Think of it as a part of my Auto Biography!

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A Strange Thing - End of an Era EP | Mitch Houston

This song represents a time in my life where I was playing a lot. Krista and I traveled all over playing for churches and christian ministries. We were at the top of our game if you will. And the only thing I can say about that time is, it was very strange. We played and people loved us. We were offered jobs in almost every city we played. The strange thing was no one really cared about what we believed. As long as we entertained their emotions with our music, they loved us. That is until we began to be outspoken about what we believed. Then it was a whole different story! It was like being in the upside down. Yes, that is a Stranger things reference! Now you see from where the name of the tune came! It was like being in the twilight zone. We were loved one minute, but when we questioned the christian doctrines, we were outcast to the upside down. It was like an alternate reality. Everything looked the same, but it was dark, and cold. Friends and colleagues were nowhere to be found, and most completely disowned us. This song is a picture of the musical quality that we had right before our christian worship empire came crashing down. Then, we move into track two, The Opening Act.

This song is a song of conflict. It starts out in a very mellow reflective state then explodes into a fairly huge ballad. The guitar fights the tempo a bit. The synth is mixed a little louder, almost too loud. It’s as if a battle is going on between instruments. The drums are big and angry. That floor tom! This is the time in our life when we left the church. I spent a year or so studying and realized that everything I was taught in the church was a lie. I wasn’t ready now in my life to leave everything behind, but most everything was becoming clearer. I engaged in debates with church leaders, and became pretty black and white. I was confused a bit because like I said earlier, I realized Christianity was wrong, but I wasn’t willing to leave it all behind, yet… That’s where track 3 starts. The End of an era.

Opening Act - End of an Era EP | Mitch Houston
End of an Era - End of an Era EP | Mitch Houston

This track represents where I started to make sense of everything. The music begins to click a little more. The guitars are way tighter. But I think the most important thing at this point in the EP as well as at this point in my life, is the musical space. It was not only a time of speaking but LISTENING! The spacier verses represent a time when I finally shut my mouth and listened. I listened to people who were experts, and I was finally getting a clearer picture of truth. It really was both a beautiful and terrifying time. I was facing a decision which, according to my old belief system, would condemn me for eternity. But this song really does capture the end of an era. An era of struggle and pain. An era of a worship empire. The era where we realized everything we believed was a lie. It is full speed ahead. And the end transitions into a mellow electronic version of the melodies and rhythms, which is the clean transition from Christianity to truth. We finally left everything behind. The reverb increases as we get further away from the past. Then, we are at the beginning of a new life.

This track is exactly what it’s named. The beginning of life. It’s like starting in a womb. Everything begins to form and fit together. The synth is very soothing but at the same time you hear the frequency search. Trying to find the right frequency. Where are we to be? As we grew in this womb of sorts, we became stronger. We became more confident. Then we were birthed into a new life. A life where we still have struggles. We are still learning to walk, but it is beautiful! New! The guitars are anthemic and huge. The chord progression is a little happier. The melodies are a little brighter. Yet they don’t lose their dark tension. The bass is moving and authoritative. This new rhythm is a new journey, and we are super excited to be on it. As we learn and grow, we are thankful for the struggles as well as those who “parent” us along the way. You know who you are! The bridge of this song represents how alone we feel sometimes. I think a lot of people can relate to this feeling. A new journey means some isolation at first while you learn who you can trust. But the song keeps going. Getting more in depth. The guitar takes off and away we go! Here’s to a new life! L’Chaim!

Beginning of Life - End of an Era EP | Mitch Houston

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