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The Audio Files Podcast with Mitch Houston

About The Audio Files

Mitch Houston has spent years in the Production and Broadcast world both as a Producer and Talent for various different projects and shows. The Audio Files is a creative space where Mitch pays the utmost attention to the sounds coming out of the Monitors. Mitch has been mixing records for over a decade and has created quite the precise workflow. The Audio Files Podcast was an idea that he had a while back but never really did anything with it. As the temperature rises regarding current topics in the Production world, Mitch decided it was time to release The Audio Files Podcast as a way to help inform and start discussion on popular topics. 

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With Mitch Houston


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"A good workflow is the foundation for a successful studio environment."

Mitch Houston

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Mixing and Mastering

Have a listen to a few tracks that Mitch has Mixed and Mastered. If you desire a creative yet commercial product, Mitch is your guy. Click the button below to inquire on our Mixing and Mastering services.

Where We Are (Mixed, Not Mastered)

Where We Are (Mixed and Mastered)

End of and Era (Mixed, Not Mastered)

End of and Era (Mixed and Mastered)

You can’t polish a turd.

- Unknown

The Audio Files Podcast with Mitch Houston

Want to learn more about Music Production?

Want to learn Music Production in a more formal way? Mitch teaches 3 courses with over 25 hours of video lectures! Click the button below to find out more.

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